Hook It Bed Set Type II

Price: £23.62
  • Light weight and provides ease of cleaning with most hospital sterilisation fluids, able to be autoclaved.
  • J-hook will fit over most hospital curtain tracks so removing need for metal drip stands
  • 2 x C-hooks raise catheter or drainage bags off the ground making bed area safer from trips or falls
  • B-hooks allow the transportation of blood bags around the patient’s bed more readily without splits or damage.
  • Related terms: curtain track, autoclave, drip hook, drip stand, fluid delivery, hospital bed, intravenous accessories


Family of fluid/IV drip hooks that are intended to free up and make safe the area around patients’ bed and making bed area more accessible over many traditional metal drip stands. Available in lilac or turquoise, they comprise three differently shaped hooks for securing IV fluid/blood bags to various structures in a standard hospital ward.

BS EN ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003
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