• Customised design is site specific
  • Methodology accepted by Fire & Rescue Service
  • Ideal for larger premises and multiple buildings
  • Assists in effective training of Fire Wardens
  • Robust mechanical system – no ongoing maintenance
  • Real time Evacuation information


In the case of fire, ensuring your building is adequately evacuated and providing this information to the Fire & Rescue Service immediately on their arrival is essential…

Uniquely designed TAGEVAC™ provides a fast, simple and reliable method to check ‘designated’ zones within any building or group of buildings are clear on evacuation.

TAGEVAC™ uses a magnetic tag located within a ‘Tag Station’ fixed at a location within each ‘designated’ zone. These are customer specific.

Each tag is protected by a quality Perspex cover which helps prevent unwanted removal of the tag until needed.

BS EN ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003
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