Bespoke Design

Our award winning design team will help you realise
your ideas on the latest 3D CAD software before being built.

Fully equipped studio with experienced CAD designers

We understand that all our customers’ needs vary, and that in most cases an ‘off the shelf’ item of equipment is not suitable. At ParAid Medical we offer a bespoke design service to enable you to specify your exact requirements. Our award-winning design team will help you realise your ideas on the latest 3D CAD software before being built.

Design Consultancy

ParAid Medical's design team, complemented by its BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited engineering centre provides complete, quality-assured solutions from initial brief through to design, manufacture and ongoing support.

Our knowledge and experience of the needs of the UK neonatal and paediatric medical sector is a result of many years as a provider of transport systems in stainless steel and modern lightweight materials. ParAid Medical provides a unique service to meet the need for dependable, practical and affordable bespoke solutions across the UK Health Service.


Case Study

Product development for MDTi Leg Bath

This product was developed for Community Nurses to assist patients suffering with the following problems:

  • Leg Ulcers
  • Leg/foot bathing for people with limited mobility/disability, eg brain injury, stroke, COPD, pregnancy, multiple sclerosis, dementia
  • Dry skin conditions, eg eczema needing to be bathed in emollients (oils and moisturisers)
  • Conditions causing thin, delicate skin that need careful bathing to reduce risk of breaking skin surface, eg, cellulitis, lymphoedema, diabetes, poor circulation (peripheral vascular disease)
  • All conditions requiring bathing the leg in a ‘medicated solution’
  • Conditions causing swollen legs and feet (limited mobility), peripheral oedema


The reason it was invented is that there was no medically approved equipment for them to use previously. The nurses would go into a patient’s home and use bowls or buckets which were heavy to pick up when full and ill fitted the patient’s foot and encouraged cross contamination of infection.

This new equipment means the clinician no longer has to carry heavy bowls or lift patients legs as the frame slides up and down easily to allow the patient to lower foot in and take it out again and the pump empties the water out easily. All the equipment is easily disassembled to allow a thorough clean between patients.

The clinicians have a backpack supplied with it for all the equipment which is easily stowed and allows their hands to be free to carry other equipment necessary.

ParAid Medical Ltd. was initially approached by MDTi to manufacture this product to an existing design specification. When we looked at the design, we felt it was overly complicated, using many expensive moulded and extruded parts, we then redesigned and developed a more simplified and economical version to better suit the client’s needs.

  • Specification requirements of the leg bath:
  • To be variable in height, to allow the patient to easily remove their foot.
  • Easy to carry
  • Strong enough to hold large amounts of water
  • Easy to assemble/erect.
  • Lightweight.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean to prevent cross contamination


The design we came up with used 5 parts in total, 2 of which were used more than once. It used a pin to locate the upper bag holding frame in place, and also allowed the whole thing to disassemble easily. It is symmetrical in design and can be used either way up and it all fits into a neat little bag for easy transport. It uses aluminium to minimise the weight, and retain strength. It’s assembled using hand wheels and grub screws, which allows it to be taken apart easily for cleaning.


Case Study

RehabAngel® and RehabAngel® Genie - Unique Multipurpose Lower Limb Physiotherapy and Sports Exercise Platform

Prior to this unique piece of equipment, there were no multi-functional rehabilitation devices on the market that offered a range of decline angles for both legs simultaneously of which the biomechanical and muscle physiological responses they induce were known or researched. The RehabAngel® offers a knee rehabilitation device that allows a graduated increase in the load applied to the knee and graduated reduction in ankle moments and forces as the decline angle increases. This allows clinicians to be able to offer a controlled graduated rehabilitation environment for squatting tasks. It ensures quantifiable, symmetrically precise and reproducible exercises and training over other similar products

The versatility of the RehabAngel® device with its unique ‘bungalow roof’ wedge arrangement stabilizes the patient’s lower limb structures and by virtue of its graduated incline allowing for a controlled and reproducible set of exercises that are safer and more efficient for calf stretching and quadricep exercises. The device takes rehabilitation exercises to a further dimension by challenging the patient’s body senses in a proprioceptive (i.e. balance ability) compromised way whilst also improving venous return for anti DVT exercises

  • Portable and lightweight in a customised carrybag
  • Easy to clean, assemble and disassemble
  • Answers infection control in clinical settings
  • Invented by an NHS Specialist Podiatrist
  • Evidence based class 1 medical device
  • Fit-for purpose
  • Addresses both acute and community rehabilitation, lower leg sports injuries and the needs of podiatrists.


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